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The Aphasia Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting an underserved population of persons with aphasia. Aphasia -an acquired communication disorder caused by brain injury or stroke- impairs comprehension and production of spoken language, but does not affect intelligence. Because communication is essential to relationships and performing daily tasks, persons with aphasia and their families can experience emotional, physical and financial stress and social isolation. Our goals are to raise awareness and help survivors rebuild communication-associated life systems impacted by aphasia: Quality of life, Daily life skills, Community and Support.

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Registration is now open for Aphasia Camp Northwest 2016!
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Aphasia Camp Northwest 2016
August 27th, 28th & 29th
at Camp Magruder, Rockaway Beach, Oregon

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Medical Professionals
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One of the most vital needs of persons with aphasia is effectively communicating with healthcare providers to obtain the services they need. AN is dedicated to improving this interaction from both sides – helping aphasia survivors’ communication skills and training medical professionals and students in these medical professions to effectively communicate with, and relate to, patients with aphasia.

Over the last four years, AN programs have helped train 258 students as well as 50 medical practitioners. These practitioners interact with, and treat, multiple stroke and TBI survivors each year. Each student will work with multiple aphasia survivors, continue to educate others in their field, and share their understanding of aphasia. The ripple effect of who these medical professionals and potential practitioners reach is exponential and an integral factor in changing the aphasia culture.
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