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Welcome to the 

Aphasia Network

Care Partner's Courtyard

This virtual courtyard is a safe place for Care Partner's of persons living with aphasia to gather, share tips, insights, stories and more. Caregiving can be overwhelming, take time to learn coping techniques, learn from mentor Care Partner's and find relaxation and respite. 

The Care Partner Chat page requires a login as some of the discussions are personal and may contain sensitive information. We strive to protect our community members' privacy. If you are a Care Partner who would like to become a member and have access to our Care Partner community 24/7, there is a simple 2 step sign-up process: 

Step 1. On the login page, choose an email and password you would like to use for this site. When you click log-in, we will recieve a member sign-up request. We must approve this request before you can access the Care Partner chat tool.


Step 2. Send us a brief message in the form below describing how long you have been an aphasia care partner and why you would like to become a member. This allows us to be sure only Care Partners, medical professionals, and our staff have access to the discussion boards.

That's it! Once you have entered log-in information and sent us a message, we can approve your request and you can begin chatting with other Care Partners. 

Success! Message received.

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