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Aphasia Network Programs

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Aphasia Network programs serve stroke and brain injury survivors with aphasia, their care partners as well as students studying in the fields of Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Nutrition and Public Health. These are our future medical practitioners and become stewards of the informed practice of serving those with communication disorders. They carry these learnings into their future careers in service to those patients that are yet to be diagnosed.  

This year at summer camp we will introduce some new activities and focus on goal setting, nature and community - for an adventurous weekend full of new experiences. This camp is an opportunity for aphasia survivors and their care partners to learn new things, try new things, and experience new things. This is a time for attendees to bond through adventures and grow together during safe supported activities. 

            - Explore your goals and experience adventure again

            - Try things that are not part of your everyday routine

            - Experience activities that will help you feel independent

            - Make new friends by being adventurous together


Spring Aphasia Workshop

UPDATE: Postponed. Stay tuned for updates.

This one-day program focuses on finding new communication tools and strategies with communication apps and communication books.


Independent living tools and strategies for daily living, as well as leisure and recreational activities, are also incorporated into this program. 

Aphasia Couples Retreat

UPDATE: Postponed. Stay tuned for updates.

This weekend retreat program gives persons with aphasia and their spouses an opportunity to reconnect and strengthen their bond as a couple in a fun, social setting. Together with a speech and occupational therapy student team, and in professionally-led groups, couples will discuss and form individualized coping methods for the challenges of married life with aphasia side-by-side with other couples facing similar challenges. 

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